Place to keep various upstart scripts so I stop forgetting how to make them
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Scripts to start and manage processes with upstart


  1. sudo mkdir /srv
  2. cd /srv
  3. git clone
  4. cd (your_project)
  5. npm install
  6. cd ~
  7. git clone
  8. cd upstart-scripts
  9. sudo ln -s generic-node.conf /etc/init/(your_project).conf
  10. sudo initctl start (your_project)

The script will start a node app by running node /srv/(your_project)/index.js

Right now you need node installed somewhere root can access it.
To verify, make sure this return some valid output: sudo which node

  • It sets NODE_EVN=production
  • It sets CWD to /srv/(your_project)
  • It logs your processes stdout and stderr to /var/log/(your_project).log

That's really it. Mostly here now because I keep having to reference it on other servers I set up.

you can stop your project with sudo initctl stop (your_project)
you can restart your project with sudo initctl restart (your_project)


This will run your node application as root.
You are responsible for dropping to a different user within the app.
Use process.setuid and process.setgid within node.
Or modify the script to use setuid and setgid within upstart itself.