A slide presentation framework in HTML, JS, and OOCSS
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Slide Presentation Framework

I got fed up with using Powerpoint and Keynote to make and give presentations, so I wrote this framework. It uses slides in plain HTML, combined with themes, layouts, and slide transitions in CSS, and a small Javascript MVC framework for showing them.

You can read more about it in this presentation, made with the framework.

How do I use it?

Quick start

  1. Make sure you have node and npm
  2. Download/fork/clone this repo
  3. cd <slides dir>
  4. npm install
  5. npm install bower
    • The example depends on the rest of your dependencies being downloaded by Bower, a package manager for Javascript.
  6. bower install
  7. You may want to open index.html in your browser to read a bit more about the framework.
  8. Put the content for all your slides in slides/slides.html
    • There are example slides there now, so just follow the format.
  9. Open index.html in your browser!