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knockout binding handler for x-editable - See

Simple Usage

NOTE: set any editable defaults before calling ko.applyBindings

for a view model:

var viewModel = function(){
  var self = this; = ko.observable();
  self.firstName = ko.observable();
  self.lastName = ko.observable();
  self.gender = ko.observable();
  self.genders = ko.observableArray();

and binding:

<span data-bind="editable: firstName"></span>

will set editable options value (value of firstName) and name to firstName. Your observable is updated to the new value in the save event (you can also pass your own save event that gets called after).


You can pass through any editable options with:

<span data-bind="editable: firstName, editableOptions: {name: 'first', pk: id, url: '/save'}"></span>

Note the pk can be an observable since x-editable just calls it as a function. The option editableOptions.visible can be passed an observable, this sets the x-editable toggle to 'manual', then uses the observable to fire the 'show' method

You can also pass in the bindTextInput option for two-way updates (see

<span data-bind="editable: comment, editableOptions: {/* ... */, bindTextInput: true}"></span>

select, checklist and typeahead options

For select and checklist, you can pass options just as you would to knockout:

<span data-bind="editable: gender, editableOptions: {pk: id, options: genders, optionsText: 'text', optionsValue: 'id'}"></span>

optionsCaption is used to set editable.prepend


If you are using knockout.validation, I have wired up a call to the observable's isValid for editable.validate. To work, this has to push the new value into the observable, then validate, then revert back. If you have subscribed to changes, you will see them. Not the best choice, but works.