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04098c1 add schedules
Ming authored Oct 2, 2012
1 [DONE] Collect statistics from Wikipedia images objects
2 * Design a simple and small test workload
3 * Find a KV store use multiple drives, besides GTSSL!
16ef878 add two papers and README and TODO
Ming authored Sep 26, 2012
4 * Find an image processing software using MRI and see how the performance can
e0aef8a add todo of using unionfs
Ming authored Sep 28, 2012
5 be improved. [Thanks to Vasily]
6 * Come up with a cost model about how Flash size can be smaller [Thanks to Vasily]
7 * Use unionfs for differetiating small and large files
682a894 add TODO
Ming authored Sep 19, 2012
8 * Setup GTSSL
0929766 1. add a ref about buffer cache replacement of flash
Ming authored Oct 2, 2012
9 * Come up with a cost model for replacement or migration that consider 1)
10 average latency per object, and 2) the Flash characteristics
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