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[DONE] - Collect statistics from Wikipedia images objects
[DONE] - Design a simple and small test workload [benchmark/leveldb/mrisdb]
- Find a KV store use multiple drives, besides GTSSL!
- Find an image processing software using MRI and see how the performance can
be improved. [Thanks to Vasily]
- Come up with a cost model about how Flash size can be smaller [Thanks to Vasily]
- Setup GTSSL
- Come up with a cost model for replacement or migration that consider 1)
average latency per object, and 2) the Flash characteristics
[FUTURE] - Use unionfs for differetiating small and large files
[FUTURE] - Come up with models to explain results!
- Also, if you fit a line to data, quote at least a regression coefficient
- Setup Sauron in MSL for experiment environment
- Workload generator for Haystack and Wikipedia
Benchmarks: micro (ratio), macro (Haystack, Wikipedia)
- Multi-thread test
13-01-30 21:32:35
- Argue image store is important by anaylzing the number of requests and data
volume for images of NASA Web server traces and Wikipedia
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