Pie Chart built using CAShapeLayers, a CADisplayLink and custom layer properties
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Core Animation Pie Chart

Created by Brian Coyner (2011, 2012, 2013, 2017)

This demo was created to help support one of my CocoaConf talks. The demo shows various techniques for building an interactive, animatable pie chart using Core Animation (CAShapeLayer, CATextLayer, CADisplayLink, etc.) At the root of the solution is using a dynamic CALayer property to control the custom animations. The same technique can be applied to other solutions.

Requirements/ Features

  • Xcode 8.3, iOS 10.3

The pie chart contains theses features:

  • add new slices (animated)
  • remove selected slice (animated)
  • update existing pie values (animated)
  • interactive slice selection (tap and/ or move your finger)

The view uses a data source (number of slices, slice value) and delegate (selection tracking).