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Add additional abbr and dfn tests to the demo

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1 parent fefbe79 commit aec13957659fae98f3de509a07408a98e930960a @necolas necolas committed Aug 12, 2011
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@@ -55,12 +55,12 @@
The <a href="#">a element</a> example<br>
- The <abbr title="Title text">abbr element</abbr> example<br>
+ The <abbr>abbr element</abbr> and <abbr title="Title text">abbr element with title</abbr> examples<br>
The <b>b element</b> example<br>
The <cite>cite element</cite> example<br>
The <code>code element</code> example<br>
The <del>del element</del> example<br>
- The <dfn>dfn element</dfn> example<br>
+ The <dfn>dfn element</dfn> and <dfn title="Title text">dfn element with title</dfn> examples<br>
The <em>em element</em> example<br>
The <i>i element</i> example<br>
The img element <img src="" alt=""> example<br>

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