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Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. Update normalize.css

  2. Update normalize.css

Commits on Apr 10, 2012
  1. @necolas
Commits on Mar 11, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Revert addition of input placeholder rules

    necolas authored
    This commit reverts the following 5 commits:
    The `:moz-placeholder` rule doesn't have the desired effect because any
    subsequent rule with higher specificity will result in the Firefox bug
    resurfacing. There is no way to ensure that Firefox doesn't change the
    color of the placeholder text. Example:
    The `:focus::webkit-input-placeholder` normalization is being removed
    because the current Chrome / Safari on Lion OSX behaviour is allowed in
    the spec, Firefox is set to implement the same behaviour, and other
    browsers may follow suit for usability reasons.
    Some browser differences like these - low importance and in flux - can
    be allowed to evolve and settle before assessing whether or not they
    need or merit normalization.
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Fix indentation and update timestamp

    necolas authored
    Correct the indentation for the WebKit placeholder focus rule and move
    the placeholder rules to the bottom of the forms normalization.
    Update the timestamp.
  2. @jonathantneal

    Addresses placeholder text remaining visible on focus in Chrome

    jonathantneal authored
    The placeholder attribute in Chrome does not work to spec. This makes the text transparent on focus to work like Firefox, Safari, and the spec. Credit goes to @chadbaudoin for bringing this up in his pull request necolas#86 and this Chrome bug is further documented at  and my own test is at
  3. @necolas
  4. @jonathantneal

    Add placeholder color normalization

    jonathantneal authored
    As @mathiasbynens points out, webkit has already set the placeholder, and it has set it as darkGray (#A9A9A9)
  5. @jonathantneal

    Add placeholder color normalization

    jonathantneal authored
    The browser-defined style for placeholder text color is overwritten by style for input elements in Firefox. Adding :-moz-placeholder style overrides that, bringing Firefox inline with other browsers.
    @mathiasbynens made a test case for this @
    This change improves consistency of placeholder style between Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Remove height from `audio:not([controls])` in iOS5

    necolas authored
    A bug in iOS5 means that `audio` elements without controls are not
    entirely hidden. They retain some height, as demonstrated in this test
    The fix is to add `height: 0` to the rule.
    Fix #69
Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Add `summary` to the block-level display rule for HTML5 elements

    necolas authored
    Legacy browsers, including IE6/7 and Firefox 3, do not make the
    new HTML5 `summary` element block-level by default. This is
    contrary to the HTML5 recommendations and the behaviour of modern
  2. @necolas

    Remove `hr` and separate some margin normalizations

    necolas authored
    Recommend that people supporting IE6/7 do not use the `hr` element
    at all. It requires far more work than just normalizing margins.
    IE6/7 do not collapse margins set on `hr` with margins of pre- or
    proceeding elements.
    Separate the margin normalizations for `p` and `pre` from that for
    `h3`. Despite sharing the same margin value, headings are
    qualitatively different from these other elements. Both in terms
    of customisation and debugging using browser tools, it is cleaner
    to keep the margins of heading separate.
  3. @jonathantneal

    Normalize typography

    jonathantneal authored
    The margin of many elements in IE6/7 is set by 'pt', not relative to the root font-size. This is contrary to the HTML5 spec and all other modern browsers, including IE8+.
    If people need to customize margins, they can either edit normalize.css directly or override later in the source. But at least any non-customized elements will behave consistently now.
  4. @necolas
  5. @necolas

    Remove `details` from the rule applying padding-left to lists.

    necolas authored
    No browsers apply left padding to `details` by default.
  6. @necolas

    Add interactive content tests to demo.html

    necolas authored
    Initial addition of a `details` and `summary` test to the demo.
    These are new HTML5 elements and there is not yet widespread
    browser implementation of their interactive functionality.
  7. @jonathantneal

    Update CSS comments

    jonathantneal authored
    The margin of lists in IE6/7 is set by 'pt', not relative to the root font-size. This is contrary to the HTML5 spec and other modern browsers, including IE8+.
    If people need to customize the list margin, they can either edit normalize.css directly or override later in the source. But at least any non-customised lists will behave consistently now.
  8. @jonathantneal

    Normalize lists

    jonathantneal authored
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Update CSS comments

    necolas authored
  2. @necolas

    Normalize headings

    necolas authored
    There are various inconsistencies surrounding headings that make
    this change worth trialing. The font-size of headings in IE6/7
    isn't relative to the root font-size (see #61). Modern browsers
    set the `h1` font-size based on the depth of nesting in certain
    HTML5 sectioning elements. This change overcomes both the issues.
    At the same time, the margins are being normalized so that they
    are consistent and `em`-based. If people need to customise the
    heading font-size and margin, they can either edit normalize.css
    directly or override later in the source. But at least any non-
    customised headings will behave consistently now.
    Close #41
  3. @necolas

    Demo: add disabled input test and other minor updates.

    necolas authored
    Include an `input` and `button` disabled attribute style test.
    Remove `initial-scale` from the meta viewport and add the `lang`
    attribute to `html`.
  4. @necolas
Commits on Jan 22, 2012
  1. @necolas
  2. @necolas

    Move font-family normalization from `body` to `html`. Close #62

    necolas authored
    Prevents the inability to override the font-family by setting it
    on the `html` element later in the CSS.
  3. @necolas

    Remove scrollbar normalization. Fix #64 #65

    necolas authored
    The `html` scrollbar normalization can cause issues in Firefox
    when certain techniques are used by JS plugins (e.g. modals).
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
  1. @necolas

    Remove search cancel button from search inputs on Mac OS X.

    necolas authored
    After normalizing the search input on OS X, the search cancel
    pseudo-element is not always well positioned and is missing from
    other UAs.
  2. @necolas

    Add small improvements to `legend` normalization.

    necolas authored
    Remove the default padding. In theory, the correct normalization
    would be to add the padding to IE6/7 rather than remove it from
    all browsers. However, the most common use case is going to be
    for legends within unstyled fieldsets, and the presence of 2px
    of horizontal padding is likely to be unexpected.
    Allow text wrapping in Firefox 3. Modify the default white-space
    value to allow long legends to wrap. No simple fix to allow this
    in IE6/7/8.
  3. @necolas
Commits on Nov 4, 2011
  1. @necolas

    Normalize only the left margin of lists. Fix #49

    necolas authored
    Prevent the addition of vertical margins on nested lists without
    interferred with author expectations when customising margins
    directly on 'ul' or 'ol' selectors later in the stylesheet.
    Left margin needs to be normalized to remove it from IE6/7.
    Close #57
  2. @necolas

    Minor comment cleanup.

    necolas authored
    Fix #50
    Close #58
  3. @necolas

    Normalize h1 font-size. Close #41

    necolas authored
    h1 nested in 'section' and 'article' elements has a smaller
    font-size in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. This introduces browser
  4. @necolas
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
  1. @necolas

    Remove default `a` and `a:visited` color normalizations.

    necolas authored
    Inclusion of these normalizations can result in unwanted or
    unexpected consequences. This is because `a:visited` has a
    specificity of 0,0,1,1. Therefore, the pseudo-class has to be
    included in every author link-style with a lower specificity.
    This is not expected behaviour when building up link styles from
    the browser defaults. Very little is lost by removing the link
    color normalization.
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
  1. @necolas

    Prevent text inputs growing as you type in IE6/7. Fix #46

    necolas authored
    Applying *overflow:visible to button/input causes text inputs to
    grow to fit their content, even if an explicit, fixed width is
    applied. It was originally included to remove excess inner
    spacing on buttons and submit/reset/button-type inputs in IE6/7.
    Fixing this bug in IE6 requires dropping the fix entirely because
    there is no way to avoid it being applied to text inputs. If
    there is a need to fix this excess spacing bug in IE6, then it
    should be done using a class that is applied to the
    necessary elements.
    For IE7, the excess spacing fix can be moved into the ruleset
    that targets button and submit/reset/button-type inputs. This
    prevents text inputs from growing.
Commits on Sep 14, 2011
  1. @necolas
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