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A LaTeX template for dissertations at the University of British Columbia
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ubcdiss – a dissertation template for LaTeX

This distribution provides a LaTeX template for writing a dissertation conformant with UBC's specifications (as of Oct 2010). The template uses only packages available in most LaTeX distributions such as MacTeX, MikTeX, and TeXLive.

The template has some documentation in doc.pdf. This documentation is itself written using the template, and the content is found in ack.tex, glossary.tex, and intro.tex. diss.tex is the main file but all the content is contained in the other files which are included from diss.tex using \include.

You will almost certainly need to use additional LaTeX packages for your dissertation. There are some pointers in diss.tex and doc.pdf to useful packages for handling common problems/requirements. You may need to manually install these for your distribution; teTeX in particular seems to ship with a much smaller package base.

GPS has very strict formatting requirements, and these requirements may change. You should review the GPS Thesis Specifications and Formatting Requirements. GPS is very lenient with font choice, as long as the fonts are used consistently.

This template's document class instead builds on top of the standard LaTeX book class, which should ensure much better compatibility with standard LaTeX packages. The functionality is implemented using the commonly available packages found in most LaTeX distributions such as MacTeX, MikTeX, and TeXLive. My thanks are owed to the countless volunteers who write and maintain the many TeX packages!

Please let me know if GPS requires you to make formatting or organization changes: I'll fold those changes into the template for future students.

Please feel free to contact me should you have problems with the template. I can't really help with general LaTeX problems: you really need to find a local LaTeX wizard. Before reporting a problem, please ensure that:

  1. you have the latest version of the template (see the abstract in doc.pdf),
  2. you are using the latest version of your TeX distribution,
  3. your question isn't answered in the FAQ file, and
  4. you've exhausted your local LaTeX wizard's help. Tip: You can often find your own wizard by buying beer for a CS grad at Koerner's.

When reporting a problem BE SURE TO INCLUDE:

  1. the version used of this template
  2. details on the operating system and TeX distribution you are using (e.g., Windows XP and MikTeX 2.5, SuSE Linux 10 and its bundled installation, MacOS X 10.5.4 and MacTeX 2007),
  3. the log file (likely called diss.log).

Brian de Alwis

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