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Chapter 10
Chapter 14
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 5
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
For old editions


These are the sample files for Learning Perl, 6th Edition. 

Chapter 5, Input and Output
	- We provide several files that you can use with Exercise 5.1 (page 104)
	so you can see your tacs program in action.
Chapter 8, Matching with Regular Expressions
	- pattern_test.pl is the program we use to test regular expressions

Chapter 10, More Control Structures
	- lnr_example.pl is a demonstration of last, next, and redo (lnr)

Chapter 14, String and Sorting
	- numbers.txt is a list of numbers you can sort in the exercises. Use
	this with Exercise 14.1 (page 246).
	- sortable_hash.pl is a snippet of the Perl program so you
	don’t have to type the first name/last name hash yourself. Use this
	with Exercise 14.2 (page 246).

Chapter 16, Process Management
	- We provide a fake_date.pl command that you can use in place
	of the Unix date command. Our version is Pure Perl.

Chapter 17
	- sample_text.txt is a short Flintstones story that you can use
	to search for character names. Use this with Exercise 17.1 (page 293).
For old editions
	- The which_dbm.pl program helps you figure out which implementation
	you are using. This chapter is no longer in the book.