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What is Cooper?

  • Makes it easy to allow co-op members to place orders for goods and services
  • Maintains member account balances, based on deposits and shipped orders
  • Provides basic functionality to manage the product catalog of goods and services offered

Cooper does not:

  • Facilitate any financial transactions
  • Integrate with any financial or accounting systems

Why would I use it?

Managing a co-op is not like managing an eCommerce business. With that in mind, there are currently no software solutions that work the way most co-ops work. Yes, it’s possible to customize an eCommerce platform to do what you’d need to manage your co-op, but it’s like swatting a fly with a Sherman Tank. That, and you’ll launch your co-op in about a year. Cooper is simple, and simple is what you need.

Yes, this involves work

Cooper helps to manage cooperatives. Administering a cooperative does indeed take work. If you want a solution to automate the aggregation of orders to vendors based on minimums, sort and package individual customer orders and manage delivery and billing, you probably want to run a business and are looking at the wrong solution.

The basic functions of a consumer’s cooperative with Cooper