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Have you ever wanted to render a specific partial, based on what the current date/time was?
With date_sensitive_partial, you can specify in one place, a mapping of partial groupings to their corresponding start and stop date/times and can render them with a simple helper call.
In config/initializers/date_sensitive_partials.rb:
# set up partials with start/stop dates for the "boo" grouping:
DateSensitivePartial::GROUPINGS["boo"] = [, 11, 1),, 11, 10), "shared/boo"),, 11, 10),, 11, 20), "shared/booya"),
In a view within your app:
<%= render :partial => date_sensitive_partial("boo") %>
Or, if you'd like to render the partial for a specific date/time:
<%= render :partial => date_sensitive_partial("boo",, 11, 7)) %>
Copyright (c) 2009 Brian A. Doll, released under the MIT license
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