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dotfiles for: ack, git, bash, ruby, rails, vim
VimL Ruby Other
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app_configs adding bash and vim configurations
js a few profile updates
vim update vim plugin
.gitignore ignore vim/spell
.gitmodules add gist-vim and config
README testing a little something
ackrc adding ackrc
autotest autotest updates
bash_profile a few profile updates
gemrc old stuff
gitconfig a few profile updates
gitignore have i finally managed to externally manage my github credentials in …
install.rb add .js; add a 'hide rails' feature to github activity feed
irbrc better irbrc, mostly taken from atmos' Cindarella
osx a few profile updates
railsrc adding zsh, git, irb, rubygems configs, mostly copied from ryanb
tmux.conf solarized colors for tmux


Stolen, resurrected, patched, punched and stretched dotfiles.

1. Download
2. ruby install.rb
3. Dance!!
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