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First, a small disclaimer

Wodleader is functional and has served about 10 events so far. The scoring is correct, as long as you like the games scoring method of 2010, and accommodates proportional weighting events (i.e. you can do multi-event events, where each component is scored separately, at a smaller weighting).

While the app is functional, it's not polished at all yet. The biggest issue right now is that for large events it can be hard to enter scores really quickly. Finding the right person/event to add a score can take a few clicks and I wish that was faster.

The only other issue can be maintaing consistency with scores being entered. If an event may take a minute or two to complete and someone completes in under a minute, the time should be entered as 0:57, not 57 or .57.. this is obvious numerically, but I've had folks enter those things in every event we've had so far, that had to be edited when the scores looked wrong.

Introduction to Wodleader

Wodleader manages scoring for multi-event Crossfit competitions. For an overview of the system and to become familiar with the terminology used in Wodleader, please read the project readme.

Competitor / Spectator view

Competitors and spectators should check out during the competition. Scores and rankings will be visible as they are entered, and the site is optimized for mobile phones.

Setting Up A Competition

Wodleader has an admin section where all data entry occurs. You'll need a username and password (get this from brian) and head over here.

admin home

Create Competition Info

Create competition

  1. Click "Competitions"
  2. Click "Add New"
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Click "Save"

Create Competition Categories

Check first to make sure you need to add competition categories. Categories already exist for RX Men, RX Women, Scaled Men, etc.

competition categories

Create Events

Next we'll create the events for our competition.

create events


  1. Make the Event name interesting, this will come in handy later
  2. Enter the full event details for all levels (RX, scaled, etc.)
  3. Assign this event to your competition
  4. Choose if this event is time-based (lowest wins) or if the highest score wins
  5. If this is a "partial" event (ie. a "single" WOD has three different parts, wich each receive scores) than you can enter the appropriate weighting here. For an event with two parts, enter 0.5 for each. Use 0.33 for events with three parts.

Register Athletes

As athletes arrive, you'll want to register them in wodleader.

register athletes

Most fields are optional (as indicated), but you'll need to assign these athletes to the overall competition as well as a competition category. Athletes may not switch categories (eg. Scaled Mens to RX Mens) during the competition.

Record Scores

Once the event begins, the only activity left in wodleader is to enter scores. Athlete scores, one per athlete / event combo, have already been created for you by wodleader. You don't need to add scores, you just need to update them.

record scores

To update an athletes score, we need to find the right record to update.

  1. First, we can add a filter
  2. Type in the event name (this is where unique event names comes in handy)
  3. Search for the Athlete's name (partial names works too)
  4. Click "Edit" and update their score

Scores can be entered in a variety of formats:

  • Whole numbers, for total number of reps or pounds (eg. 225)
  • Decimals, for fractional scoring (eg. 12.5)
  • Time format, for timed WODs (eg. 12:43, 1:12:22)

Note: For a given event, ensure all times are entered with the same number of places. (eg. 12:14, 16:33, 19:55) If someone finished that WOD in over an hour, it should be entered like this: 62:22. Similarly, if someone finished in under a minute, it should be entered as 0:58.

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