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jQuery Infinity Scroll

Yet another infinite scroll plugin… Initially inspired by


  • Deal in JSON, don’t ask ajax requests to return HTML
  • Be templating/rendering agnostic – plug in your own function to handle returned data
  • Allow for flexible callbacks, with or without custom params
  • Follow jQuery plugins as close as possible (and as best I understand them!)


  • Currently the plugin assumes you are scrolling the document, it doesn’t handle other DOM element scrolling (scrolling
  • DIVs, etc), though it should be trivial to add.
  • I’m sure there is more that can be done to clean up and conventionalize. It’s my first plugin, pulled from my own project.


      url: "",
      triggerAt: 50, // pixels from bottom of rendered list
      resultsPerPage: 50,
      appendTo: $('tbody.someTableBody'), // could technically append to different DOM object, not sure this is
      params: { userId: 5, otherInfo: 'test' },
      renderData: function(data, element){ /* do stuff to render JSON to your element */ },
      error: function () { /* handle ajax error */ },
      loadOnInit: false // opt out of auto-loading so we can control when it first loads, by calling $element.infinityscroll('reset')