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Pick and Place Controller Software 2017 Update

This new version of the Pick and Place application is a Windows C# application to run a DIY pick and place machine via A KFlop motion controller and Windows PC with a custom USB controller board to control feeders and other hardware interfaces.

The software is built using C# and the MahApps.Metro UI toolkit from

The camera vision uses Emgu CV from which uses a basic usb microscope camera to look down on to the pcb to locate the parts. This is saved into a XML data file as a series of X & Y locations and the control software adds the correct offset depending on the selected picker nozzle.

The USB controller board prototype is on

Photos and info for the completed driver board are on

Full details of this project are on my blog at

The project was built under Visual Studio 2017.

The project requires KMotion to be installed from The build path on the project is currently set to: C:\KMotion433\KMotion\Release\ and this would need to be updated to build to the correct folder for different versions of the KMotion software.