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Yahoo! Cloud System Benchmark (YCSB)
+Getting Started
+1. Download the latest release of YCSB:
-It is difficult to decide which system is right for your application,
-partially because the features differ between systems, and partially
-because there is not an easy way to compare the performance of one
-system versus another.
+ wget
+ tar xfvz ycsb-0.1.4
+ cd ycsb-0.1.4
-The goal of the YCSB project is to develop a framework and common set
-of workloads for evaluating the performance of different "key-value"
-and "cloud" serving stores. The project comprises two things:
+2. Set up a database to benchmark. There is a README file under each binding
+ directory.
-* The YCSB Client, an extensible workload generator
+3. Run YCSB command.
-* The Core workloads, a set of workload scenarios to be executed by
- the generator
+ bin/ycsb load basic workloads/workloada
+ bin/ycsb run basic workloads/workloada
-Although the core workloads provide a well rounded picture of a
-system's performance, the Client is extensible so that you can define
-new and different workloads to examine system aspects, or application
-scenarios, not adequately covered by the core workload. Similarly, the
-Client is extensible to support benchmarking different
-databases. Although we include sample code for benchmarking HBase and
-Cassandra, it is straightforward to write a new interface layer to
-benchmark your favorite database.
-A common use of the tool is to benchmark multiple systems and compare
-them. For example, you can install multiple systems on the same
-hardward configuration, and run the same workloads against each
-system. Then you can plot the performance of each system (for example,
-as latency versus throughput curves) to see when one system does
-better than another.
-Detailed information about using the benchmark is available in the
-doc/index.html file.
+ Running the `ycsb` command without any argument will print the usage. See
+ for the list
+ of available workload properties.
File renamed without changes.
File renamed without changes.
@@ -5,36 +5,49 @@
+ <fileSets>
+ <fileSet>
+ <directory>..</directory>
+ <outputDirectory>.</outputDirectory>
+ <fileMode>0644</fileMode>
+ <includes>
+ <include>README</include>
+ <include>CHANGELOG</include>
+ <include>LICENSE.txt</include>
+ <include>NOTICE.txt</include>
+ </includes>
+ </fileSet>
+ <fileSet>
+ <directory>../bin</directory>
+ <outputDirectory>bin</outputDirectory>
+ <fileMode>0755</fileMode>
+ </fileSet>
+ <fileSet>
+ <directory>../workloads</directory>
+ <outputDirectory>workloads</outputDirectory>
+ <fileMode>0644</fileMode>
+ </fileSet>
+ </fileSets>
- <includeModuleDirectory>false</includeModuleDirectory>
+ <includeModuleDirectory>true</includeModuleDirectory>
- <directory>../</directory>
- <outputDirectory>.</outputDirectory>
- <includes>
+ <directory>.</directory>
+ <fileMode>0644</fileMode>
+ <includes>
- <include>CHANGELOG</include>
- <fileSet>
- <directory>src/main/bin</directory>
- <outputDirectory>bin</outputDirectory>
- <fileMode>0755</fileMode>
- </fileSet>
- <fileSet>
- <directory>src/main/resources/workloads</directory>
- <outputDirectory>workloads</outputDirectory>
- <fileMode>0644</fileMode>
- </fileSet>

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