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very low throughputs of Cassandra for YCSB workload for large amount of data #148

prashant23 opened this Issue Oct 29, 2013 · 2 comments

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Hi all
Am benchmarking cassandra cluster using YCSB tool. When am using 1 gb data it is giving me fair results (throughput around 20K op/sec) but when am using the 1TB data then it is coming 200 to 300 op/sec. it is having very high read latency can any body tell me that what can be done to improve the throughput.


You are probably hitting the Disks.

A 1GB Dataset fits into the Disk Cache of the OS.

With 1TiB this is no longer the case and most of the accesses need to do a seek on the Disk.
Depending on which type of Disk you use (HDD/SSD) this can take ~10ms per seek.

SSDs are much better at this.

busbey commented May 29, 2015

closing as stale. if you are still having this issue please reopen.

@busbey busbey closed this May 29, 2015
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