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Apache Cassandra 2.x CQL binding

Binding for Apache Cassandra, using the CQL API via the DataStax driver.

To run against the (deprecated) Cassandra Thrift API, use the cassandra-10 binding.

Creating a table for use with YCSB

For keyspace ycsb, table usertable:

cqlsh> create keyspace ycsb
    WITH REPLICATION = {'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': 3 };
cqlsh> USE ycsb;
cqlsh> create table usertable (
    y_id varchar primary key,
    field0 varchar,
    field1 varchar,
    field2 varchar,
    field3 varchar,
    field4 varchar,
    field5 varchar,
    field6 varchar,
    field7 varchar,
    field8 varchar,
    field9 varchar);

Note that replication_factor and consistency levels (below) will affect performance.

Cassandra Configuration Parameters

  • hosts (required)
    • Cassandra nodes to connect to.
    • No default.
  • port
    • CQL port for communicating with Cassandra cluster.
    • Default is 9042.
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