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HBase Driver for YCSB

This driver is a binding for the YCSB facilities to operate against a HBase Server cluster.


1. Start a HBase Server

You need to start a single node or a cluster to point the client at. Please see Apache HBase Reference Guide for more details and instructions.

2. Set up YCSB

You need to clone the repository and compile everything.

git clone git://
mvn clean package

3. Create a HBase table for testing

For best results, use the pre-splitting strategy recommended in HBASE-4163:

hbase(main):001:0> n_splits = 200 # HBase recommends (10 * number of regionservers)
hbase(main):002:0> create 'usertable', 'family', {SPLITS => (1..n_splits).map {|i| "user#{1000+i*(9999-1000)/n_splits}"}}

Failing to do so will cause all writes to initially target a single region server.

4. Run the Workload

Before you can actually run the workload, you need to "load" the data first.

You should specify a HBase config directory(or any other directory containing your hbase-site.xml) and a table name and a column family(-cp is used to set java classpath and -p is used to set various properties).

bin/ycsb load hbase -P workloads/workloada -cp /HBASE-HOME-DIR/conf -p table=usertable -p columnfamily=family

Then, you can run the workload:

bin/ycsb run hbase -P workloads/workloada -cp /HBASE-HOME-DIR/conf -p table=usertable -p columnfamily=family

Please see the general instructions in the doc folder if you are not sure how it all works. You can apply additional properties (as seen in the next section) like this:

bin/ycsb run hbase -P workloads/workloada -cp /HBASE-HOME-DIR/conf -p table=usertable -p columnfamily=family -p clientbuffering=true

Configuration Options

Following options can be configurable using -p.

  • columnfamily: The HBase column family to target.
  • clientbuffering : If true, buffer mutations on the client. The default is false.
  • writebuffersize : Buffer size to be used when clientbuffering is activated. The default is 12MB.
  • debug : If true, debugging logs are activated. The default is false.
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