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# Master script to create my Geonames db
shopt -s extglob
set -x #echo on for debugging (comment to disable)
# Database and server information
# Don't whine to me about security, do it differently if you want
export PGPASSWORD=""
# Source directory
BASEDIR=$(dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}")
# Change these for your local system
PSQL="/usr/bin/psql -q"
# Download the files we need.
# Unzip them
# Make the tables
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -f "$BASEDIR/create_tables.sql"
# Geoname table
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy geoname from allCountries.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "alter table geoname add column fclasscode varchar(12);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "SELECT AddGeometryColumn( 'geoname', 'the_geom', 4326, 'POINT', 2);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "UPDATE geoname set fclasscode = concat(fclass, '.', fcode);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "update geoname SET the_geom = ST_PointFromText('POINT(' || longitude || ' ' || latitude || ')', 4326);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index geoname_the_geom_gist_idx on geoname using gist (the_geom);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index geoname_geonameid_idx on geoname(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index geoname_name_idx on geoname(name);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index geoname_fclass_idx on geoname(fclass);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze geoname;"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "cluster geoname using geoname_the_geom_gist_idx;"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "analyze geoname;"
# alternateNames table
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy alternatename from alternateNames.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index alternatename_alternatenameid_idx on alternatename(alternatenameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index alternatename_geonameid_idx on alternatename(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze alternatename;"
# isolanguagecodes
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy isolanguage from iso-languagecodes.txt null '' delimiter E'\t' csv header;"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze isolanguage;"
# countryinfo
egrep -v "^[[:blank:]]*#" countryInfo.txt > countryInfo2.txt
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy countryinfo from countryInfo2.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index countryinfo_geonameid_idx on countryinfo(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze countryinfo;"
# timezones
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy timezones from timeZones.txt null '' delimiter E'\t' csv header;"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index timezones_countrycode_idx on timezones(countrycode);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze timezones;"
# admin1codesascii
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy admin1codesascii from admin1CodesASCII.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index admin1codesascii_geonameid_idx on admin1codesascii(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze admin1codesascii;"
# admin2codes
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy admin2codes from admin2Codes.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index admin2codes_geonameid_idx on admin2codes(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze admin2codes;"
# featurecodes
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy featurecodes from featureCodes_en.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index featurecodes_code_idx on featurecodes(code);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze featurecodes;"
# usertags
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy usertags from userTags.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index usertags_geonameid_idx on usertags(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze usertags;"
# hierarchy
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy hierarchy from hierarchy.txt null as '';"
# admincode5
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "\copy admincode5 from adminCode5.txt null as '';"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "create index admincode5_geonameid_idx on admincode5(geonameid);"
$PSQL --host=$DBHOST --dbname=$GEONAMESDB -c "vacuum analyze admincode5;"