Run rack apps within Mac apps.
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Run rack apps within Mac apps.

Try example app

Fire up your terminal and run the following. This will clone the repo and run the example bundled application.

# Clone the repo.
git clone

# Unzip.
unzip cocoa-rack/build/

# Open the app.
open cocoa-rack/build/

How does it work?

cocoa-rack uses some pretty cool technologies to run rack apps within a webview. cocoa-rack will first try to launch your rack app using OSX's system Ruby; if said Ruby is not found, a fallback is used: an awesome contained Ruby called JRuby Complete. A little hacky, but all works in the end.

Once up and running, the app bundled with the repository, TalkApp, uses POST calls to communicate with the rack server, which in turn makes OSX system calls. In this case, the command say is used to speak text in which the user has typed in.


Very beta at the moment, and there are a lot of undocumented and seemingly confusing aspects to rack-cocoa, but trust me, it's very simple. In theory, you should never need to touch Objective-C code.


The following gif shows the app bundled with this repo, called TalkApp, which speaks text which you type. Follow the directions above to try it out.

About & Credits

Hacked together by @brianmgonzalez. Icon from The Noun Project by Randall Barriga.