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@@ -6,8 +6,29 @@
;; (error "Sorry, this Lisp is not yet supported. Patches welcome!")
(defsystem :ops5
- :version ""
- :description "VPS2 -- Interpreter for OPS5"
+ :version "19-OCT-92"
+ :description "VPS2 -- Interpreter for OPS5
+This Common Lisp version of OPS5 is in the public domain. It is based
+in part on based on a Franz Lisp implementation done by Charles L. Forgy
+at Carnegie-Mellon University, which was placed in the public domain by
+the author in accordance with CMU policies. Ported to Common Lisp by
+George Wood and Jim Kowalski. CMU Common Lisp modifications by
+Dario Guise, Skef Wholey, Michael Parzen, and Dan Kuokka.
+Modified to work in CLtL1, CLtL2 and X3J13 compatible lisps by
+Mark Kantrowitz on 14-OCT-92. The auto.ops and reactor.ops demo files
+were provided by Michael Mauldin. In year 2013, ported to modern Common
+Lisp implementations and added support for quicklisp by Xiaofeng Yang.
+This code is made available is, and without warranty of any kind by the
+authors or by Carnegie-Mellon University.
+Documentation for OPS may be found in the OPS5 User's Manual, July 1981,
+by Forgy, CMU CSD.
+This version of OPS5 was obtained by anonymous ftp from
:author ""
:maintainer ""
:licence "public domain"

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