Tinder App for Windows Phone
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brianhama 1. Substantial code clean-up / re-factoring
2. Fixed code so that Tinder servers no longer are able to detect and block the client from authenticating
3. Added some screenshots and updated README.md
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Tinder App for Windows Phone


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Tinder is a cool iPhone/Android app and I thought it would be great to have it on Windows Phone. This project is the result of about two nights of work on bringing the app to Windows Phone. The app is now fully functional, but still is a bit rough around the edges. This is definitely not an example of my best code. I had no intention of open-sourcing this when I started, but I thought that some other Windows Phone developers out there might find it interesting, so here it is, freely licensed, do whatever you'd like with it.

UPDATED ON 11/26/14: I have done a bit of cleanup to the code and also fixed the code so that Tinder's servers no longer reject the client.


This project is written to run on Windows Phone 8 and above. It utilizes the Telerik Windows Phone Control Toolkit in a few isolated areas of the UI. A free trial is available from Telerik.com. It should not be hard to replace the Telerik controls with custom written equivalents if desired.


Feel free to contact me, Brian Hamachek, at brian@brianhama.com.