A Playground Summarizing Current, Basic Swift (Swift 2.1)
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A Playground Summarizing Current, Basic Swift

CS 190 Course Home Page

My St. Mary's Home Page

This playground was most recently updated using Xcode 7.3 and is compatible with Swift 2.2.

This playground is commented with markdown. If the playground doesn't look pretty in Xcode, find "Show Rendered Markup" in the "Editor" menu and toggle rendering on. Converseley, if you are seeing the rendered markup, but you want to see or edit the raw file, in the same menu, find "Show Raw Markup" and toggle rendering off.

This playground includes variables, typealiases, optionals, operators, tuples, enums, control flow, and the basic features of arrays, sets and dictionaries.

Annotated Bibliography

The contents of this repository is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.