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SimilarTracks for Kodi

A script that uses the currently playing track to generate a playlist of similar tracks in your Kodi music library.


  • Create a playlist of tracks from your music library that are similar to the currently playing track.
  • Uses getSimilar API to find similar tracks.
  • Runs in background.
  • Can specify the maximum number of tracks to add to the playlist.


Get similar tracks progress dialog

Found similar tracks progress dialog

Added tracks to playlist progress dialog

Get similar tracks notification

Added tracks to playlist notification


Download the latest zip file and install the addon. See for more details on installing addons from zip file.


The SimilarTracks script can be accessed from the Programs menu or called using the RunScript builtin function (RunScript(script.similartracks))


The following settings are available.

Maximum tracks to add to playlist: The maximum tracks that will be added to the playlist. Default: 25

Run in background: Script runs in the background. Default: false

Playlist order: The order that tracks should be added to the playlist. Random: Tracks are added at random. Last.FM: Tracks are added in the order they came back from Default: Random


SimilarTracks for Kodi is licensed under the [GPL 3.0 license] 1.

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