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Have following phpunit.xml:

        <directory suffix=".php">test</directory>

    <log type="coverage-html" target="./log/codeCoverage" charset="UTF-8"
        yui="true" highlight="true"
        lowUpperBound="50" highLowerBound="80"/>

with directory structure proposed in

I changed some test to take longer time (bigger sleep) and instead of general code coverage I see only coverage for longest running test after all.

Running these tests with phpunit gives expected result with 100% code coverage for each test and method inside.

Please see screenshots in attachment
screenshot from 2013-07-16 01 44 37

screenshot from 2013-07-15 01 01 38


PHPUnit configuration is still pretty limited. It is definitely on the road map, but certain things are tricky due to the nature of how paratest functions. Each testcase is run in a separate process, so in the case of code coverage, we would have to somehow aggregate results into one report.

Yuav commented Aug 1, 2013

Full code coverage support sorely missed!


Let me say coverage is antithetical to Paratest, which is a tool to run test faster. To produce a coverage report, you would run the suite with Xdebug active and with code coverage collection active, which means easily tripling the amount of time it takes (depending on PHP version and on how much CPU the test use).

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Coverage #64

aik099 commented Dec 7, 2013

@brianium, is this still an issue knowing, that #64 is merged?

brianium commented Dec 7, 2013

Should be good now as of #64 being merged

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