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Index performance problem #6

tomaash opened this Issue · 8 comments

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If you use "." in path, which is then processed with regex, the "." character is interpreted as "any character" and the regex is no longer left-anchored
, which renders the index unusable, and queries for collections with more than 100k documents are very slow. Replacing path separator with "#" solves this problem. See my fix: tomaash@f424f48



Hope brian will wake up one day .. ;)


Perhaps you can pull request ?


It's already in pull request to your repo. For now, I assume that this repository (briankircho) is no longer maintained. If there is no more activity in following months, we can register your version on mongoose-plugins as well :)

@briankircho briankircho closed this issue from a commit
@briankircho Fix #6 10acb97

I went ahead and fixed this in the original tree plugin here, sorry it took so long


Great, it's good to see this merged in.

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