A dirty memcaching trick that completely avoids all WordPress code and results in blazingly fast access for non logged in users - but you have to replace your index.php file.
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This solution is uses output buffer caching to provide the fastest possible caching solution possible for a WordPress website. 

It caches only non-logged-in access of the pages and after a page is first generated, it loads NONE of WordPess.  This means it has a lower execution cost than any WordPress plugin can achieve.

Plugins or themes that use output buffering agressively could interfere with DirtyMC. Testing is always recommended.

A change in WordPress 3.6 creates unique cookie hashes per site.  This change necessitates the creation of a constant that includes the site URL.  This change has not been tested under WordPress MultiSite. A MS configuration using multiple URLs will likely no longer be compatible with this plugin as written.

Please edit dirtymc-config.php and define a value for DMC_COOKIEHASH prior using DirtyMC.

This solution was inspired and originaly coded by Henry Rivera.