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Changed to my own old SED commands because the sqlhost sed was greedy…

… and variable fetch would go to the last quote.

That meant for the line:
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');   // 99% chance you won't need to change this value

it would produce an $sqlhost value of:
localhost');   // 99% chance you won
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1 parent b8e5a01 commit 9b7565a6131eb201d49977fb0ba8a46b9e707ad9 @brianlayman committed Mar 2, 2012
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@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
-sqlname=`sed -n "s/.*\(['\"]\)DB_NAME\1\s*,\s*\(['\"]\)\(.*\)\2.*/\3/p" $1`
-sqluser=`sed -n "s/.*\(['\"]\)DB_USER\1\s*,\s*\(['\"]\)\(.*\)\2.*/\3/p" $1`
-sqlhost=`sed -n "s/.*\(['\"]\)DB_HOST\1\s*,\s*\(['\"]\)\(.*\)\2.*/\3/p" $1`
-sqlpass=`sed -n "s/.*\(['\"]\)DB_PASSWORD\1\s*,\s*\(['\"]\)\(.*\)\2.*/\3/p" $1`
+sqlname=$(sed -n "/define('DB_NAME', '/s/.*, '\([^']*\).*/\1/p" $1)
+sqluser=$(sed -n "/define('DB_USER', '/s/.*, '\([^']*\).*/\1/p" $1)
+sqlpass=$(sed -n "/define('DB_PASSWORD', '/s/.*, '\([^']*\).*/\1/p" $1)
+sqlhost=$(sed -n "/define('DB_HOST', '/s/.*, '\([^']*\).*/\1/p" $1)
mysql -h $sqlhost -u $sqluser -p$sqlpass $sqlname

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