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commit 9882e64ed19d7272332023eedb4e1fe4e631a064 1 parent 5a3af17
@heynemann heynemann authored
Showing with 24 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +14 −7 cordova/commands/
  2. +10 −0 tests/
21 cordova/commands/
@@ -19,18 +19,18 @@ def run(self):
parser = OptionParser()
- parser.add_option("-w", "--www", action="store",
- dest="www", default="vanilla",
- help="recipe for www")
+ parser.add_option('-w', '--www', action='store',
+ dest='www', default='vanilla',
+ help='recipe for www')
- parser.add_option("-t", "--test", action="store",
- dest="test", default="qunit",
- help="recipe for test directory")
+ parser.add_option('-t', '--test', action='store',
+ dest='test', default='qunit',
+ help='recipe for test directory')
options, args = parser.parse_args(self.console.arguments)
if not args:
- print "ERROR: The project name is required!"
+ print 'ERROR: The project name is required!'
print 'Type "phonegap help create" for more information.'
@@ -58,6 +58,13 @@ def run(self):
shutil.copytree(www, dest_www)
shutil.copytree(test, dest_test)
+ print 'Project %s was created successfully!' % prj
+ print
+ print 'Don\'t forget to edit the config.xml file under www.'
+ print 'Use ./bin/emulate to fire all emulators and ./bin/debug to install and debug your app.'
+ print 'Explore the ./bin/ for more options.'
+ print 'Happy hacking!'
def print_overview():
print ' create - starts a new PhoneGap project'
10 tests/
@@ -343,6 +343,16 @@ def should_not_be_an_error(self, topic):
def should_say_project_was_created_successfully(self, topic):
expect(topic[1]).to_include('Project createCommandSample was created successfully!')
+ def should_remind_you_to_edit_config_xml(self, topic):
+ expect(topic[1]).to_include('Don\'t forget to edit the config.xml file under www.')
+ def should_remind_you_of_the_commands(self, topic):
+ expect(topic[1]).to_include('Use ./bin/emulate to fire all emulators and ./bin/debug to install and debug your app.')
+ expect(topic[1]).to_include('Explore the ./bin/ for more options.')
+ def should_wish_a_happy_hacking(self, topic):
+ expect(topic[1]).to_include('Happy hacking!')
class FileSystem(Vows.Context):
def topic(self):
return exists('/tmp/createCommandSample')
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