iOS 5.1 persistent offline storage? #97

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Hello -

I recently started using lawnchair for a mobile project - it is great so far.
The goal of the project is to make lyrics available offline. Using the appcache manifest and localStorage works great for this.

My friend recently pointed me to a potential issue:

I have not done much research, but I was wondering if this will affect lawnchair and my app. I am not using PhoneGap or anything (because of copyright issues, the goal was to avoid the app store entirely)

Is there a solution / workaround for this? Or is my project doomed?


Hi there, I am also interested in the answer to this issue.


Seems I am running into this issue... any plans to fix this?


^ bump. Same problem. Seems the only solution is to use cookies (limited storage space) or use PhoneGap. I would suggest one of two options for lawn chair:

1) Let lawnchair detect the browser, and use cookies if it's the safari version in iOS 5.1
2) Or, provide an API that let's me tell lawn chair which storage format to use.

If you go with number (2), it would be great to be a able to specify fallback storage formats in the order of your own choosing (like font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif), you could have ["cookies", "localStorage", "sessionStorage"]. Thoughts?

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