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Portable text exiting for devs.

the problem

When software does many things it sacrifices doing one thing very well. Instead of trying to make vim a clumsy "does it all" IDE quick-vim is lightweight, relies on simple defaults, thusly very portable and easily repeatable text editor.


  • three use cases: install, upgrade, and uninstall
  • bash and git are the only deps
  • no goofy gui tty business; this is a vimrc for a vim that lives in a shell
  • pathogen for managing deps
  • bundles are limited to the simple stuff and not relearning things your shell does better: like git
  • no weird bundles that require re-compilation of vim or outside scripting languages
  • bundle config is in a plain text file stored in the root of this directory

the bundles for me

This is a portable text editor for doing dev on the run, in a shell, probably on a temporary machine, possibly drunk. Vim is surprisingly powerful stand-alone, odds are you don't really need a particular plugin bundle. Try to work with the stock install. You'll be surprised! And less, dependant on custom schemes. (Ironic words for a vim config project, I know.)

If you do need more, you can always fork this repo, create a branch, modify the bundles.txt to your hearts desire. If you find a bundle that meets the criteria above that you think I should check out: pls send a pull request!


Getting started with quick-vim is easy:

git clone git://
cd quick-vim
./quick-vim install

You can reset to the default/previous vim env simply:

./quick-vim uninstall

Brute force upgrade everything:

./quick-vim upgrade

And thats it.


🚀 Quickly init a slightly better Vim.



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