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CS 194-26 Final Project

Video Synchronization


This was made as the final project for my Computational Photography class, and development is ongoing.

My goal was to modify the frames of a video such that they appeared somehow synchronized or reacting to a song or other audio. Applications include syncing dance-heavy music videos to different songs, or making it look like a person or animal is dancing to a beat.

Peak matching audio strength with optical flow magnitude yielded cool results, but I have started to implement everything from Abe Davis's Visual Rhythm Project, which matches audio onset envelopes with video impact envelopes, taking tempo into account.

See a demo here.

Directory Structure

### Code Files             # Select file names and methods             # Simple peak detection functions
----       # Interfaces and content processing code
----      # Identify potential matching points
----       # Merge media

### Required Media Folders
---- audio/
---- video/