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Given a FileList, turn it into a FileListStream.


Uses filereader-stream to read the individual files in the FileList.


Use it with npm & browserify >= 3.0

$ npm install fileliststream


const FileListStream = require('fileliststream');
const body = document.body;
const drop = require("drag-and-drop-files");

// make it so console can be piped to.
console.write = function(obj) { console.log(obj.toString()) };

drop(body, function(files) {

  const fileList = FileListStream(event.dataTransfer.files); {



FileListStream(fileList, [options])

options can specify output. Possible values are:

  • arraybuffer [default]
  • binary
  • dataurl
  • text

You can also specify chunkSize, default is 8128. This is how many bytes will be read and written at a time to the stream you get back for each file.

You can access the individual FileStreams by index on the FileListStream instance, or directly through the files property, which is a true array.

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