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An experimental ORM I didn't finish, for educational purposes only.

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Gogo - a migration & nested document capable database abstraction for insane people

This is 0.0.1 software -- it probably isn't ready for public consumption yet.


var Gogo = require('gogo')({
  driver: 'mysql',
  host: '',
  user: 'user',
  password: 'password',
  database: 'your_app'
var Base = Gogo.Base;

// defining models
// simple
var User = Base.extend({
  table: 'user',
  engine: 'InnoDB',
  schema: {
    id: Base.Field.Id,
    email: Base.Field.Text('tiny', { required: true, unique: true }),
    password: Base.Field.Varchar(255, { required: true }),
    last_login: Base.Field.Timestamp({ default: "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" })
    admin: Base.Field.Boolean({ default: 0 })

  // adding `required: true` to fields above gives us presence validators
  // for free, so we don't need to specify those.
  validators: {
    email: Base.Validator.Email,
    password: Base.Validator.Length({ min: 8 })

  setPassword: function(password) {
    this.set('password', bcrypt(password));

  checkPassword: function(attempt) {
    return this.get('password') === bcrypt(attempt);

// more complex
var Stories = Base.extend({
  table: 'story',
  engine: 'InnoDB',
  schema: {
    id: Base.Field.Id,
    user_id: Base.Field.Foreign({ model: User, field: 'id' }),
    title: Base.Field.Text,
    content: Base.Field.Text('long'),
    published: Base.Field.Enum(['public', 'private', 'draft'], { required: true, default: 'draft' }),
    metadata: Base.Field.Document({
      serialize: JSON.stringify,
      deserialize: JSON.parse

  validators: {
    metadata: Base.Validator.Document({
      tags: [ Base.Validator.Type.Array, Base.Validator.Require ],
      social: Base.Validator.Document({
        tweets: Base.Validator.Type.Number,
        likes: Base.Validator.Type.Number,
        plusones: Base.Validator.Type.Number

// instantiating models.
var newUser = new User({
  email: "",
  admin: true
newUser.setPassword('very secure password');;

// finding records
User.findOne({ email: "" }, function(err, user){
  // do stuff with user

// setting up migrations
  '001: rename email to electronic mail': {
     up: function(t) { t.renameColumn('email', 'electronicmail') },
     down: function(t) { t.renameColumn('electronicmail', 'email') } 
  '002: add column `active`': {
    up: function(t) { t.addColumn({ active: Base.Field.Boolean({ default: true }) }) }
    down: function(t) { t.dropColumn('active') }

Available Fields

Depends on: Validators


Takes no options.

An auto incrementing primary key. Adds a Type.Number validator.

Gogo.Field.Number(length, options)

Gogo.Field.Number(type, options)


type defaults to int.

Build Status

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