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oneshot Build Status

Testing server for serving a single resource and shutting down, either after N requests (usually 1).


$ npm install oneshot
var oneshot = require('oneshot');

// Serves one response and shuts down. Assigns to a random port and
// calls back with a reference to the server and a parsed url, ready
// for passing to `http.request`.
oneshot({ body: 'goodbye, world\n' }, function(server, urlobj) {
  http.request(urlobj, function (res) {
    res.pipe(process.stdout); // pipes 'goodbye world' to stdout
// You can pass in `type` to serve a specific content-type...
  body: 'alert("badical");',
  type: 'application/javascript'
}, function (server, urlobj) {
  http.request(urlobj, function (res) {
    console.log(res.headers['content-type']) // `application/json`
// Or you can use the headers object to do whatever you want with
// headers. WHATEVER YOU WANT.
  body: '<h1>awesome</h1>',
  headers: {
    'content-type': 'text/html',
    'vary': 'Accept-Encoding',
    'x-frame-options': 'SAMEORIGIN'
}, function (server, urlobj) {


body: The content you want to send. Can be a string or a buffer.

type: Sets the content-type header.

redirect: URL to redirect to before serving (default: null)

endless: Redirect forever (default: false)

requests: Number of requests to serve (default: 1)

statusCode: The status code to return (default: 200)

headers: Object of headers.