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OpenBadges Federation


For the prototype, I didn't try to prove federating the badge data so much about federating any data. We can layer in the badge stuff later.

I tried to prove it out as simply as possible for now. You'll have to start up four node servers: backpack-one, backpack-two, issuer and shim. The two backpacks are basically dummy servers for now; issuer and shim are doing the real work.

Hit the issuer server in your browser and you'll get a spartan site with a button to open up the issuing workflow at the shim. A reference to all of the data passed into OpenBadges.issue is kept in the query string encoded as base64.

At the shim, you can enter the full url of whichever backpack you want to connect to. In the next version of the prototype, the shim will also make sure it's as compatible backpack and provide error messaging if it's not.

Given a backpack location, the shim will redirect the browser to the authentication form provided by the backpack you chose. In our case right now, it's completely dummy – every route replies with the same message – but the point is that the parameters originally passed into OpenBadges.issue at the issuer site are preserved in the query string so the backpack can begin to handle the parameters however it likes.

Since all of the interaction is happening in the user agent and via query strings, as long as the user has access to the backpack, the issuer doesn't need to be able to directly connect.