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Copyright (C) 2006-2009 Nasca Octavian Paul, Tg. Mures, Romania
Released under GNU General Public License v.2 license
This is an experimental program for extreme stretching the audio.
- audiofile library
- libvorbis
- fltk library
- portaudio library
- libmad (for mp3 input)
- not required, but you can use the FFTW library
This algorithm/program is suitable only for extreme stretching the audio.
There is lot room for improvements on this algorithm like:
- on sharp attacks to make the window smaller and larger on steady sounds. This avoid adding constant sidebands on steady sounds and smoothing too much the sharp sounds.
- even for small window, the sidebands produced can be lowered (how?)
- First release
- Ogg Vorbis output support
- Added a wxWidgets graphical user interface
- Removed the wxWidgets GUI and added a FLTK GUI (because FLTK GUI is smaller)
- Added real-time processing/player
- Added input support for Ogg Vorbis files
- Improved the stretch algorithm and now the amount of stretch is unlimited (and on big stretch amounts, you don't need additional memory)
- Added "Freeze" button to the player
- It is possible to render to file only a selected part of the sound
- Other improvements
- Added MP3 support for input
- Added bypass mode (if you click play with the right mouse button)
- Improved the precision of the position slider (now it shows really what's currenly playing)
- Added the possibility to set the stretch amount by entering the numeric value
- Added pause mode and volume control
- Added post-processing of the spectrum(pitch/frequency shift, octave mixer, compress,filter,harmonics)
- Command line parameter for input filename
- The file can be dragged from the explorer to the file text to open it
- Added free envelopes, which allows the user to freely edit some parameters
- Added stretch multiplier (with free envelope) which make the stretching variable
- Added arbitrary frequency filter
- Added a frequency spreader effect, which increase the bandwith of each harmonic
- Added a frequency shifter which produces binaural beats (the beats frequencies are variable)
- Added 32 bit WAV rendering
- Other improvements and bugfixes
Enjoy! :)
zynaddsubfx_AT_yahoo com
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