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import jws
from jws.algos import AlgorithmBase, SignatureError
class FXUY(AlgorithmBase):
# initializer gets variables from algo router
# named groups in the regexp get sent here.
def __init__(self, fval, uval):
self.x = len(fval)
self.y = len(uval)
# straightforward, just return the signature
def sign(self, msg, key):
return 'srs' * self.x + key + 'bzns' * self.y + msg
# verify should only return if the signature is valid.
# otherwise raise a SignatureError
def verify(self, msg, sig, key):
if sig != self.sign(msg, key):
raise SignatureError('nope')
return True
# algos.CUSTOM is a list that holds custom algorithms.
# the format is [(routing_regex, algorithm_class)...]
# values from the 'alg' key in headers are run through each algorithm
# routing_regex, stopping on the first one that matches. algos in the CUSTOM
# list take precedence over the defaults -- note that this means you can add
# override any default algorithms by defining a custom algorithm with a
# routing_regex that matches one of the defaults.
jws.algos.CUSTOM = [
# a regular expression with two named matching groups.
# named groups will be sent to the class constructor
(r'^(?P<fval>f+)(?P<uval>u+)$', FXUY),
## now this will be the algorithm discovered for any of the following headers:
# will sign with FXUY(fval=3, uval=3).sign
jws.sign({'alg': 'fffuuu'}, {'claim':'rad'}, 'key')
# will sign with FXUY(fval=1, uval=8).sign
jws.sign({'alg': 'fuuuuuuuu'}, {'claim':'rad'}, 'key')
# will sign with FXUY(fval=7, uval=12).sign
jws.sign({'alg': 'fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu'}, {'claim':'rad'}, 'key')