Convenience Configuration Library for Java
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Create an interface for your config object:

public interface MyConfig
    String getFoo();

    int getBlah();

    String getWhat();

Set the properties that we mapped with @Config above (or simply call System.getProperties()):

Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("foo", "hello");
props.setProperty("blah", "123");

Then create the config object from the properties:

ConfigurationObjectFactory factory = new ConfigurationObjectFactory(props);
MyConfig conf =;

Default values

Using @Default() can set arbitrary default values. To set null as the default value, use the @DefaultNullannotation.

Advanced usage

    @Config({"what1", "what2"})
    String getWhat();

will look at what1 first, then at what2 and finally fall back to the default.

Type support

Config-magic supports these types:

  • Primitive types: boolean, byte, short, integer, long, float, double.
  • Enums. Note that config-magic by default ignores the case for enum values.
  • java.lang.String.
  • java.lang.Class and simple wildcard extensions (java.lang.Class<?>, java.lang.Class<? extends Foo> - config-magic will type check that the type passed as a property conforms to the wildcard type), but not more complex wildcard or parameterized types (e.g. java.lang.Class<? super Bar> or java.lang.Class<? extends List<? super Bar>>).
  • org.skipe.config.TimeSpan: constructed from short textual representation like "5d" (or alias "5 days"); units supported are:
  • ms (alias 'milliseconds')
  • s ('seconds')
  • m ('minutes')
  • h ('hours')
  • d ('days')
  • Any instantiable class that has a public constructor with a single Object parameter. This is useful for instance for joda-time's DateTime objects.
  • Any instantiable class that has a public constructor with a single String parameter. This is useful for instance for java.lang.File.
  • Any class that has a static valueOf method with a single String parameter and the class as its return type.

Maven dependency

To use config-magic in Maven projects:


Mailing List

We have a mailing list for development and users.