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Adam Morse mrmrs

Trying to make the web fast, highly readable, 100% responsive, and easy to navigate. Working on

@c8r London

Zac Gordon zgordon

JS for WP, Web Hosting for Students DC, USA

Callum Hart callum-hart

Passionate front-ender • Writing a book on CSS :pencil: • Software Engineer @ KAYAK • Built a few VanillaJS libraries :icecream:


Cole Townsend ColeTownsend

Pro bananagrammer, @thoughtbot designer, and curator of @newoldstokk. Williams College '15. . Based out of

Twnsnd Co Buffalo

Daniel Eden daneden

Facebook San Francisco, CA

Jonathan Suh jonsuh

Developer & designer

@PlanningCenter Chicago

Austin Lopesilvero Lopesilvero

The Learning House Louisville, Kentucky

Michael Large codethebeard

Software Engineer, non-traditionalist, Gouda fiend.

Churchill Downs Interactive Louisville, KY

Hal Burgiss halburgiss

Long time code monkey and geek. Currently lead technologist @DBSInteractive.

DBS>Interactive Louisville, KY

Kevin Suttle kevinSuttle

Design and Front-end lead, @IBM-Watson-IoT.

IBM Watson IoT Platfrom Cincinnati, OH

Dave Rupert davatron5000

Lead developer at Paravel. Purveyor of tiny jQueries.

Paravel Austin, TX