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Ruby bindings to Ryan Dahl's http-parser
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Ruby bindings to Ryan Dahl's http-parser

Ruby bindings to


This gem aims to provide a simple Ruby HTTP parser API that can be used to build HTTP servers, clients and proxies. The gem will support all major Ruby platforms (JRuby, MRI 1.8 and 1.9, win32 and Rubinius).


require "http_parser"

parser =

parser.on_headers_complete = proc do |env|
  # Rack formatted env hash
  p env

parser.on_body = proc do |chunk|
  # One chunk of the body
  p chunk

parser.on_message_complete = proc do |env|
  # Headers and body is all parsed
  puts "Done!"

# Feed raw data from the socket to the parser
parser << raw_data
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