EM client improvements and ability to fcntl the mysql socket #132

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gdb commented Mar 14, 2011

Tests will be coming later; opening pull request now to move conversation from https://github.com/thegdb/mysql2/commit/774a2e1ba2a93538ea4fc8a4721850c31df81ed0

Greg Brockman added some commits Mar 12, 2011

Greg Brockman
Add a fcntl function to Mysql2::Client
Ideally one would do this in Ruby, but Ruby's does not expose a safe way to run
fcntl on an arbitrary file descriptor (IO objects close their underlying file
descriptors upon garbage collection).

Request queuing would be great - is this likely to get merged or has it been forgotten?

gdb commented Apr 15, 2011

Things have suddenly become very busy at work, unfortunately, so I haven't had time to write the tests (would very much appreciate if someone else were willing to write them)


brianmario commented May 7, 2013

IMO query queueing and connection pool functionality are outside the scope of this gem. I'd happily reference a gem(s) in the readme if someone were to write one that wraps mysql2 adding that functionality.

Thank you for the work though, sorry it took so long to reply!

@brianmario brianmario closed this May 7, 2013

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