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DATA_PTR isn't available on MagLev
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2 parents 1e536c4 + 98524d3 commit 57588ea93c85bea3d1da16472cdb9fe88b30ea31 @brianmario committed Sep 12, 2012
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  1. +2 −2 ext/yajl/yajl_ext.h
@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ static ID intern_io_read, intern_call, intern_keys, intern_to_s,
intern_to_json, intern_has_key, intern_to_sym, intern_as_json;
static ID sym_allow_comments, sym_check_utf8, sym_pretty, sym_indent, sym_terminator, sym_symbolize_keys, sym_html_safe;
-#define GetParser(obj, sval) (sval = (yajl_parser_wrapper*)DATA_PTR(obj));
-#define GetEncoder(obj, sval) (sval = (yajl_encoder_wrapper*)DATA_PTR(obj));
+#define GetParser(obj, sval) Data_Get_Struct(obj, yajl_parser_wrapper, sval);
+#define GetEncoder(obj, sval) Data_Get_Struct(obj, yajl_encoder_wrapper, sval);
static void yajl_check_and_fire_callback(void * ctx);
static void yajl_set_static_value(void * ctx, VALUE val);

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