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8c00428 introduction of yajl_number callback to allow clients to handle arbit…
llooyd authored
1 * add a test for 0x1F bug
2 * numeric overflow in integers and double
d553293 move all files to trunk.
lloydh authored
3 * line and char offsets in the lexer and in error messages
4 * testing:
5 a. the permuter
830ac6f update todo
lloydh authored
6 b. some performance comparison against json_checker.
84e9d4a add TODO items based on feedback.
lloydh authored
7 * investigate pull instead of push parsing
08a655a get memory management comments from Adam McLaurin in the
llooyd authored
8 * Handle memory allocation failures gracefully
d92cf46 add todo to trunk, not labeled 0.4.0, duh. authored
9 * cygwin/msys support on win32
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