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Add Contextify.createContext and Contextify.createScript

Similar to the `vm` API in node, this allows you to create a Contextify context like this:

  var sandbox = {};
  var context = Contextify.createContext(sandbox);

Unlike `Contextify()`, createContext does not augment the sandbox with `run`, `getGlobal` and `dispose`.

This also adds `Contextify.createScript`, similar to `vm.createScript`, which will pre-compile code and let you run it in a Contextify context later. This can have huge performance benefits, e.g. a web server that runs each request in a separate context.

  var sandbox = {};
  var context = Contextify.createContext(sandbox);
  var script = Contextify.createScript('var x = 1');
  // sandbox.x === 1
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