Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader. GUI Client for Amazon Glacier. Win/Mac/Linux
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Nota Bene: As of 10/13/2015 this app is in maintenance mode. I'm pulling in useful commits from the community but make no guarantees about long-term support of this project. The unlimited storage plan with Amazon's Cloud Drive has solved my need for cheap large-scale file storage.

Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader

Multiplatform (Win/Mac/Linux) GUI Client for Amazon Glacier.

Amazon Glacier is a long-term persistent file-storage system for cold data storage. The Simple Amazon Glacier Uploader aims to be an upload and download solution that is as durable as your data.

SAGU is a single .jar file Glacier interface written in Java for cross-platform usability. The use of Java assures that you will have access to your files regardless of your operating system when it is time to retrieve your data.

For latest binary download see project's web page.



GNU General Public License Version 3. See LICENSE

Additional License Information

Contains images from Silk Icon Set v.1.3 (


Build runnable JAR including all dependencies
mvn clean package assembly:single

Resulting archive: target/GlacierUploader-*-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Perform release in SCM (GIT)
mvn release:prepare

This will do some checks, change the version in the POM to a new version (you will be prompted for the versions to use), commit POM, tag the code in the SCM, bump the version in the POM and commit this POM.

One can first simulate the release (no commits) using parameter -DdryRun=true.