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Development supporting the N95 Montana mask

For rigid masks, the current solutions don't scale. I am not a medical professional, but I'm told that the prototypes I have provided do not fit all users properly.

Objective: Create an app that will design an N95 mask tailored to an individual. That STL file goes to a central server where volunteers sign up to provide that mask. Volunteer prints the mask and ships it to the mailing address indicated for that mask.

Use case:

  • End user (health care professional) installs app on phone.
  • The app collects information such as name, phone number, email and shipping address.
  • The app 3D scans a face.
  • The app creates the mask/face intersection line from the 3D scan.
  • The app processes the scan, a surface is lofted from that intersecion line to one of several standard filter bosses.
  • The app creates an STL file from the loft, and transmits the information to a central server.
  • The app alternately emails the STL file to any email address, suitable for printing.
  • The central server lists masks that have been requested, and tracks these.
  • A volunteer with a printer downloads the mask project. The project contains the mask STL files, as well as a PDF packing slip, and perhaps a USPS shipping label.
  • Volunteer prints the mask, places it in a box and mails it to the location on the label.
  • Volunteer then marks the project as complete.
  • End user receives physical mask. End user installs the filter and elastic band.

I need experts in the following areas:

  • App development
  • 3D scanning
  • STL editing
  • Back end services


Development supporting the N95 Montana mask






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