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Beautiful dual light/dark, selective contrast, GUI/256/16 colorscheme
detailed description
Screenshots and details at (includes Solarized for other applications including mutt, terminal emulators).
Can also be cloned from github at for use with Pathogen, Vundle, etc.
* * *
Solarized is a beautiful, carefully designed 16 color, selective contrast colorscheme with both *light* and *dark* modes. It supports GUI full color, 256 color terminal mode and 16 color terminal mode (use Solarized terminal colorschemes with the latter for optimal results; see project homepage above).
It has been built on a foundation of eight monotones with precise CIELAB lightness relations. These monotones relations are symmetric, allowing for use in light and dark modes with identical readability.
Install details
See the README in the script download for installation details and utility scripts for your .vimrc.
For the impatient without customized vim setups: drop solarized.vim into your ~/.vim/colors directory.
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